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Think and become rich – Napoleon Hill

The book Think and Grow Rich was published in 1937 and is considered the beginning of the self-improvement literature. To write this book, its author, Napoleon Hill set out to interview nearly 500 of the world’s richest families who revealed to him the origin of their fortunes.



This book can be considered within two different genres, one of which would be Self-help. It is viewed in this way because it has an approach that aims to help those who read it achieve economic success. It is also considered as non-fiction literature. This genre is characterized by the author’s good faith in taking responsibility for what he writes for what can be written objectively or subjectively.

Title-Content relationship

Think and Grow Rich is a book that aims to make the reader understand that the mind is capable of taking us to the place we want to get to in the economic field. As its title implies, it is a book that teaches that thought and the power of the mind can help us achieve the economic wealth we want to achieve.

Book Summary and Synopsis

This book is based on the theory that our thinking can help us generate wealth regardless of our age. It is based on making organized planning together with autosuggestion to sell a brand or personal services. It is about revealing the secret that will lead us to generate more money.

In this book, the author talks about how wealth really begins as a state of mind that we can develop from our minds. Hill tells us that to achieve success the first thing we must do is desire it using the power of our mind. It is this thought that will lead us to plan the strategies to achieve the goals.
Another of the elements described in this book is that you must mentally repeat everything you want to achieve. This will be the first step in tuning the mind toward our goal, constantly repeating our goals, and maintaining faith.

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One of the strategies used in this book is autosuggestion. This works as the necessary means to access the subconscious stimulating far beyond our 5 senses. The idea is that we are able to intensely visualize the money we want and our subconscious will take care of leading us towards the goal.

To learn how to manage the subconscious, this book recommends that we stay in a quiet place and focus on continually affirming our expectations as well as plans to achieve them. In think and grow rich you also work your mind using writing. One of the tips is to write down our goals and repeat them daily. The idea is that our mind is constantly thinking about what we want to achieve while working on the plans that we must follow.

After we do the mental work activating our subconscious, we must start making decisions, that should be the next step. This will be one of the most important steps to carry out our plans. Once we have a plan, we must begin to implement it. This step requires firmness and courage because on many occasions it is necessary to make certain sacrifices to achieve wealth.

Finally, Hill speaks to us in his book about the importance of perseverance. Once we have our minds working on our desires and have planned an effective strategy, we must always keep moving with a positive mind and focused on our goals. In this way we can achieve all our economic goals.


Even in this era when self-help literature and the power of the mind have become a common theme, think and grow rich is still one of the best-selling books of its kind, which is important if we consider it to be one of the first writings in this type of literature.

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However, since its publication, Think and Grow Rich has been embroiled in controversy. While some people consider it to be a powerful source of help in achieving economic goals, other readers consider it unrealistic because it confuses the correlation of thought and actions with causality.


  • “Failure was created with the aim of preparing the human being for the great responsibilities.”
  • “If you can’t do great things, do small things in the best possible way”
  • “Desire is the starting point for any achievement, it is not enough to have a hope or a dream, it is necessary to desire it intensely.”