Nemesis - Isaac Asimov

Nemesis is a novel that the writer Isaac Asimov published in 1989. It belongs to the genre of science fiction, as it develops themes such as the idea of non-human intelligence, or sensitive planets.

In Summary Book we will make a summary, analysis, review and main characters of this book.

  1. Summary and synopsis of Nemesis (by I. Asimov)
  2. Genre: science fiction novel
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Summary and synopsis of Nemesis (by I. Asimov)

This work is futuristic, that is, it takes place in a supposed future of humanity, which has not yet arrived. This future is the XXIII century. It is there where the core of the narrative plot moves.

People who lived in Rotor (a town that lived on an asteroid while remaining isolated from the rest of the universe) used the so-called "hyper-assistance", which is a technology that allowed them to travel at the speed of light.

In this way, they managed to move from their Earth orbit to Nemesis, a "red dwarf" that E. Insignia discovered. When they arrived, they managed to put Nemesis into Erythro's orbit.

At the same time, Dr. Wendel was able to improve the existing technology thanks to which they were able to start making “super-light” trips.
Such trips would open up the Galaxy to the inhabitants of Rotor, which could end their isolation (which, remember, was completely isolated).

On the other hand, it should be noted that throughout the plot of the novel, the separation of Insignia and Merlene (who were mother and daughter) with Crile Fisher (who was Merlene's father and ended up leaving Wendel on Earth) also stands out. since Insignia and her daughter had been trapped in Rotor). However, they could meet again later when the Rotor people left their isolation.

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Finally, the conclusion of the novel is very tragic. Nemesis passed too close to the Solar System, causing it to destabilize and end all life on Earth.

Genre: science fiction novel

As we have already seen, the novel is basically based on interstellar travels of the XXIII century. For this reason, we can conclude that it is a novel belonging to the genre of science fiction, since it relates events that have never occurred or are unknown if they will occur in the future, as well as being based on a century after ours


We can highlight the following main characters: 

  • Eugenia Insignia.
  • Dr. Tessa Wendel.
  • Marlene.
  • Crile Fisher.

We hope this summary and commentary on Isaac Asimov's Nemesis has served you.

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