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Will Grayson, Will Grayson – John Green and David Levithan

Will Grayson, Will Grayson is a book written by John Green and David Levithan, and published in 2010. It is a story full of humor but quite emotional, where the meaning of friendship is witnessed, where two young people with the same name are found in Chicago casually.

In this work different themes are exposed where the feelings and emotions of the characters are reflected, such as homosexuality, friendship, betrayal, deception, disappointment. Which leads us to reflect on our destiny, since nothing is accidental, everything has an explanation and a purpose.

The end of the book represents the freedom of feelings that emerged in Will where he declares his love for Tiny, which reveals the author’s statement regarding homosexuality and its acceptance in society.


Will Grayson and Will Grayson characters

The main characters in the story are Will Grayson and Will Grayson, who have the same names and start a friendship. On the other hand, we find different secondary characters that make the plot possible, such as Tiny Cooper who was Will’s best friend; Jane was Tiny’s friend; Isaac is the supposed virtual friend of the other Will; Maura is a friend of hers for years.

Summary and synopsis of the work:

This book begins when the two main characters and protagonists meet casually on the streets of Chicago. They both had the same names. But a Will had his best friend Tiny cooper, and his magnificent theater show. Instead the other Will Grayson had only one online friend.

This work is related as two separate stories, which finally end up uniting for reasons of fate, through different changes in the lives of these characters. Firstly, the play begins to tell us the life of one of the Will Graysons, who had his best friend, Tiny. One day they went to a concert at night, with Jane, who is Tiny’s friend. But nothing turned out as expected, because the band didn’t play, and Tiny’s girlfriend broke up with him, which made him drunk.

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The next day, Tiny and Will go to a gay meeting to find a girl, who turns out to be Jane, but Will is not interested in having a relationship. On the other hand, Will manages to get his false identification, and Tiny begins to collect money to be able to make his show. But things do not go as planned, since that identification was poorly done, and so he could not enter the concert.

So Will got really mad at jene and Tiny and goes off to an adult video store
On the other hand, the life of the other Will appears, who is apathetic towards life, and just wants to be at home, talking to his virtual friend Isaac. But Maura, who is friends with him for years, begins to inquire about that virtual friend, since she wanted to know who he was, and after so long, she finally decides to meet him.

It turns out that Will plans to meet up with his virtual friend Isaac at the same video store where Will is located, and that’s where the two Will stories come together. At the moment when Will is looking for Isaac, she meets the other Will and realizes that her virtual friend will no longer come and receives a call from Maura who confesses that it was all a joke and that she was posing as Isaac.

On the other hand, Tiny is introduced to the other Will and the two walk towards the park. Elsewhere in the city, Will and Jane discuss their feelings and decide to be just friends. After this, Maura apologizes to Will, but he completely refuses. Then Will declares himself gay to his friends and his mother, who took it quite well.

Tiny and Will keep in touch and write, and Will tells him that his mother wants to meet him. But will feel somewhat insecure and scared and ends the relationship. On the other hand, Jane and Will become boyfriends, and at the end of the book, the other Will publicly declares his love for Tiny in the auditorium.

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Analysis of the work

In “Will Grayson, Will Grayson” we find a story of two characters with totally different destinies, where their meeting in a casual way, would change their lives significantly. The author reveals loving relationships, where homosexuality is present as a way to make his voice known. We can also observe the different facets of friendship, where Maura disappoints trust by cheating on Will by posing as a virtual friend, which turns out to be a great unforgivable betrayal.

In this work different themes are addressed that lead us to reflection, where homosexuality is a sign of affection that does not embarrass its protagonist Will, since he declares his love in front of many people in an auditorium, which is synonymous with courage and loyalty to your feelings, regardless of the unhealthy opinions that this may generate.

Quotes from the book

“When things break, what prevents them from being put back together is not the fact that they have broken, what happens is that a small piece is lost. The others would not fit even if they wanted to. The shape has definitely changed ”
“Having a relationship is something you choose. Being friends with someone is something you are. “

Maybe there is something you are afraid to say, or someone you are afraid to love, or a place you are afraid to go to. It is going to hurt you. It will hurt because it matters ”

“When things break, it is not the real break that prevents them from being together again. Because a small piece is lost, the remaining two ends couldn’t fit even if they wanted to. The whole shape has changed ”
“You like someone who doesn’t like you, because reciprocated love can be overcome in a way that reciprocated love cannot”