The knight in the rusty armor - Robert Fisher

"The Knight in Rusty Armor" is a book written by Robert Fisher, which tells the story of a knight learning a great life lesson. It leaves us with a moral directed at adults especially, regarding the meaning of life, appearances and also reveals the possible paths we can take when facing adversity.

Characters in "The Knight in Rusty Armor":

The main character in the story is the Knight, who had beautiful armor. He lived with his wife Julieta and his son Cristóbal. We also meet the magician Merlin, who helps him find himself through a long journey.

Summary of the work:

This story is based on the story of a medieval knight who was kind, affectionate and kind-hearted. This one was in charge to participate in the fights of the crusades, he was dedicated to rescue the damsels and fight with dragons. So this knight possessed a beautiful armor, where the very bright rays of light could be seen.

As time passed, the knight got used to wearing his armor and did not take it off even to sleep, since he always wanted to be prepared for the crusades and always prove that he was a good man. But he didn't mind spending time with his family.

So one day his wife Julieta begged him to take it off, and threatened to leave the castle with his son Crisóbal, and when he tried to do so, he could not. He even sought help from the castle blacksmith, who was the strongest man in the place. But the attempts were unsuccessful. So he decided to seek help.

In this way an entire adventure begins in search of finding a way to remove that armor that already bothered him. Go on a long journey in the company of the magician Merlin and other characters that appear throughout history.

This magician tells the knight that there is a condition to be able to remove the armor, and that was to go the path of truth, which was much more inclined and narrow. So go through different places to find the solution to your problem.

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First he goes through the Castle of silence, then through the castle of knowledge, that of will and courage, where there is a dragon named Duda and Fear, who does not allow him to enter, and in order to pass he had to have the courage to want to do so Since this huge animal was the product of his own fears, it was an illusion.

So when he overcame everything that prevented him from continuing, he approached the dragon, and it grew smaller and smaller, showing the knight's daring, and in this way the castle disappeared.

Finally, he only had to get to the top of the truth, which he must climb. As he climbs the climb, he reads a note that says he must drop into the abyss, and he does it and manages to realize the bad things he did in his life, and he gets to know himself. So the fall is not downwards, but upwards, and thus he manages to reach the top, and he begins to cry, letting out his anchored feelings. This way, there is no longer anything negative in it and the armor is gone.

Analysis of the work:

In "The Knight in Rusty Armor" you can see a knight who is locked in his own armor, which takes him away from his family and makes him be in a breastplate. All with the purpose of appearing and showing something to others, so that they think it is good and brave.

So this book gives us a teaching that it is not good to enjoy yourself alone, and that you have to be willing to share both good and bad times with other people, because otherwise, our complacency will be much less because you can't really be happy alone.

In this sense, this work gives us a wonderful message about the true meaning of life and that our true fight is against ourselves and our internal fears, which distance us from our loved ones, from what is truly important in our life, of those details that we do not appreciate due to our selfishness.
In this work, the presence of a knight stands out, who hides behind armor that does not allow him to be himself, nor to recognize himself.

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Therefore, he asks for help to be able to get rid of what binds him, but he must open his heart and walk the path of truth, which was much more inclined and difficult to pass, where he would face challenges and challenges, where his conscience would be your primary guide. On the other hand, this author attaches great importance to the fact of crying, since he had to do it in order to get rid of that heavy armor.

Finally, the knight overcame his fears, released his feelings, and cried. He was able to get rid of his armor and reached the top triumphant, and with an internal change that will allow him to live fully with his family. But the path was not easy, he had to face the dragon of fear, which did not allow him to realize his mistakes.


“The magician indicated to the knight that he should leave towards the path of truth. A difficult road that gets steeper and steeper as you get closer to the top of a distant mountain. ”

“I discovered that when I was with someone, I only showed my best image. I didn't drop my barriers, so neither I nor the other person could see what I was trying to hide. ”

"The recognition that he was the cause and not the effect gave him a new sense of power. I was no longer afraid. ”
"Only the tears of true feelings will free you from your armor."

  “Knowledge is the light that will illuminate our path. It means that the more things you know, the more light there will be inside the castle ”.

“The ambition of the heart is pure. It does not compete with anyone and does no harm to anyone. In fact, it serves one in such a way that it serves others at the same time. ”

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