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The lying life of adults

Elena Ferrante he shows off his anonymity when he wrote the most enigmatic novels in contemporary literature. Each one of his works evoke a mystery interspersed with very human stories, such as The lying life of adults.

The plot is told from the perspective of the young Giovanna, a girl who has mistakenly overheard a conversation between her parents. She is disturbed by what she hears and her mother tries to clarify the situation to avoid misunderstandings and that is when her aunt Vittoria comes out.

The mysterious Aunt Vittoria has been erased from the family. For some unknown reason, she is not named in the conversations and was removed from family photographs.

The only version he knows of her is of an envious woman who disdains her brother’s success and family. Besides being unhappy and blaming her brother for her unhappiness.

All the enigma that surrounds this woman only arouses the curiosity of Giovanna, who will seek to know her by all means. This obsession only manages to destroy his seemingly perfect family.

The protagonist will immerse herself in a new reality and will discover a world full of lies and disproportionate madness. You will understand that adulthood carries its own consequences.

A family plot full of intrigues, lies, passions, love and madness. A true masterpiece that could only be written by Ferrante, who has captivated more than 30 million readers around the world.

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