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The liar

Mikel Santiago is the new writer of the Thriller genre who is giving something to talk about. After starting self-publishing his work, managed to position itself on the list of bestsellers and now offers us an amazing story that bears the title The liar.

The novel begins strongly from the first scene when the protagonist Alex Garaikoa wakes up in an abandoned factory. He can only feel the cold floor and a strong headache, he immediately realizes that he is not alone and there is another man by his side.

When he tries to speak to him, he realizes that he is dead. At the moment he only has doubts and a great mental blackout, he cannot remember what he did during the last 48 hours.

Alex doesn’t know what happened or if he is the murderer, he only knows that he needs to find the answers to solve the mystery. In order to save himself, he weaves a web of lies that disconnect him from the crime scene and at the same time decides to undertake an investigation outside the law.

From that moment begins the journey of the protagonist to decipher the truth and try to tie the dots between the memories he has of the events. You can’t trust anyone, because anyone can be the culprit.

Various characters will be participants in the story and some will be endearing like Alex’s grandfather, Jon Garaikoa and his girlfriend Erin. Each chapter will be full of unexpected twists and turns and you will surely spend a very enjoyable reading trying to discover the culprit until the last moment.

The whole plot takes place in a coastal town in the Basque Country (birthplace of the writer), Illumbe. Scenarios such as roads, cliffs and houses with walls torn by storms will be presented, in a town where apparently everyone knows each other.

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The entrance The liar was first published in We are Books.