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The darkness you know

The experience you have had Amy engel as a criminal lawyer has allowed her to create the most real stories of the thriller genre. Just as it is The darkness you know, a rural noir that shows how maternal love can change a person’s life.

Eve Tagget knows darkness very well, growing up in a hostile place made her a tough woman. But since Junie’s birth, her life has been turned 180 degrees.

She wanted a different childhood than the one she had for Junie and despite living in Barren Springs, a forgotten town in the Ozark Mountains in Missouri. Eve struggled to help Junie grow away from all evil.

Beyond her instincts Eve couldn’t avoid misfortune. They gave her the heartbreaking news that her twelve-year-old girl had been murdered along with her best friend Izzy Logan.

Now he must fight between the pain and despair of the loss of his daughter and fight at all costs to find the person responsible for her death. Eve will go on her own quest to find out what happened.

All people are suspicious. Barren Springs is an impoverished place where people live as best they can and everyone has something to hide.

As the story unfolds, Eve will introspect her life and the darkness that lives in her will reappear. A story that shows the strength of family ties and how strength can emerge in the most extreme situations.

You will not be able to stop reading this novel and with each turn you will want to know more. A brilliant masterpiece, so stark on each of its pages and with a stunning ending.

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