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The bells of Santiago

Isabel San Sebastian It has set itself the objective of offering new generations the history that shaped today’s society. Now he shows us the emergence of modern Spain with the novel The bells of Santiago.

One of the most important events in the history of the modern era was the Reconquest. The looting that took place in the Basilica of Santiago was a key event and that now seems to be left behind in the oblivion of the collective memory.

From there arises the need for San Sebastián to recall the events of history, but from a perspective where there are no good or bad. The plot is told from a Christian point of view.

The novel begins in Compostela in 997 when the terrible Almanzor known as “the Scourge of God” has launched a campaign to destroy the city of Santiago. By then the city was an important pilgrimage site.

Almanzor steals the bells and the doors of the cathedral in order to melt them and turn them into lamps and illuminate the mosque of Córdoba. This represented a great act of humiliation for Christendom of the time.

To achieve his goal, Almanzor captures some unwary men to carry the bells on their shoulders. One of those men is Tiago, a humble blacksmith who in the midst of the confusion is separated from his pregnant wife.

Tiago embarks on an adventure carrying the bells to Córdoba. He will find a way to escape and be able to meet with Mencía, his wife, while she will try to survive by all means.

San Sebastián does not remember how throughout history Spain has suffered from continuous attacks. History is made to be remembered, to learn from past mistakes and not to repeat them.

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The entrance The bells of Santiago was first published in We are Books.