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Now it’s your turn to be happy

Curro Cañete has been characterized as a writer who has set the goal of helping others. After the success of The Power of Trust in You, he has opted for making people receive with open arms everything that life can offer them with Now it’s your turn to be happy.

All human beings have the same capacity to be happy. Beyond adversity there is the possibility of starting each day with the possibility of living in harmony and achieving your dreams.

This does not mean that throughout your existence, fear, anguish, anxiety and that inexplicable hatred towards the world will not be present. Rather, they are presented as a possibility to value all that is good in you.

This guide is the perfect opportunity to learn to love and accept ourselves as we are. Understand that we have lights and shadows; and that blame and resentment are an unnecessary burden.

Learn that happiness is not something you get overnight and just like a muscle, you have to train daily to maintain it. Even problems are opportunities for self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge never ends and every day you will discover that you are capable of exceeding your own limits. Every time you overcome a challenge you will discover in yourself a wiser and stronger person.

Starting to read this book could be the most important day of your life. You already have everything to start being happy and most important of all, you have yourself.

The information and tools have always been there, but with Curro the whole process can become a beautiful experience. Accompany this reading with a notebook and start your new life.

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