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Fire line

Arturo Pérez-Reverte narrates one of the bloodiest and best-documented episodes in the history of Spain. Fire line relive the story of the battle of Ebro where hundreds of young people lost their lives.

For Pérez-Reverte Wars are not about good guys and bad guys, but about two horrors faced. Each person suffers in the midst of the conflict and their stories intermingle to be one.

That is the version of events that the author wants to show us. A story never told, the contrast of women and men in the middle of a fight. Regardless of their political or religious ideologies.

The plot begins on the night of July 24, 1938, when the XL Mixed Brigade of the Army of the Republic goes to Castellets del Segre. There are 2,890 men and 14 women who are going to fight a battle that lasted ten days.

Both the Brigade and many of the characters and troops are not real. Only Pérez-Reverte has the genius to unite historical data through testimonies and an arduous investigation with fiction.

At the end of the day, what is remembered throughout history are not the names of the characters, but their actions and how they led us to this present. It is the story of the grandparents of many Spaniards who fought during the Civil War and is part of the collective memory.

Story of many real men and women who fought in a war. Each page will be impregnated with the crudest realism, but at the same time with the most human story that can be told in the history of Spain.

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The entrance Fire line was first published in We are Books.