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Blood rules

Stephen King has accustomed his fans with an average of two to three stories per year and this could not be the exception. With a collection of four short novels Blood rules makes for the perfect read of the thriller genre.

Even in one of the stories one of the most endearing and beloved characters of King’s books, Holly Gibney. For those who remember her, she made an appearance in the Bill Hodges trilogy.

Holly has inherited the Finders Keepers agency from Bill Hodges and this time she must face her greatest fears, but alone. She will have to solve her first case completely alone in the history of The Visitor.

The other three stories are named Mr. Harrigan’s Telephone, Chuck’s Life, and The Rat. Each story is self-concluding and they have no relationship.

Mr. Harrigan’s Telephone tells the story of two people who become friends despite having a great age difference. A young man who gets a job as an older man’s book narrator and a paranormal situation brings them together.

Chuck’s life is an invitation to reflect on the life and existence of each one of us. While the rat speaks of the pressure of a writer’s creative process, how ambition can bring out the worst in a person.

Each of the titles are very different from each other, so it is an opportunity to enjoy the master of terror in all its splendor. Only he knows the formula to make everyday situations terrifying.

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